Chicken Season Wrap

I think everyone involved will agree that this season’s end results are pretty disappointing. A great pre-season and a real belief leading into the season gave us high hopes, unfortunately we weren’t able to replicate our training form and didn’t quite execute.

There were some real improvements in some of the young guys. A lot of opportunities in 1st and 2nd Grade for younger guys which will provide invaluable experience in years to come.

Enough of all that serious talk, how about the emergence of Callum Rawson, Kyle Wisniewski and Lincoln Street in the carry on stakes?! A few personal highlights were Kyle ‘Big Orange Head’ Wisniewski’s- ‘Afternoon Delight’ rendition. Amongst a plethora of boring, clich√© Neknomination videos, out popped our boy Wizza with a belter.

Lincoln Street thrilled us all with numerous stories of love, lust and Scandinavian exploration. His updates throughout Falls festival, tagging coaching staff Tim Scott and Mark Divin in posts, updating us on things nobody probably gave two chicken twistys about, it was great. Keep it up Linc.

How about the boy they call #thefuture, Callum Rawson?! This freshly turned 18 year old is taking over as the most ridiculous Kingborough Knight. From Facebook posts to vandalising fences with his tag (#thefuture) this lad is going from strength to strength. We can only hope his recent connection with Chicken Nixon will help him endeavour to become an all time great in the carry on world! Toot Toot!

I think all players would agree, witnessing Stuart ‘White Cannon’ Clark’s kids ride bikes around the twin ovals makes for an entertaining day out. The energy these boys display is second only to Slug when he gets a run. If you didn’t know any better you would think they were auditioning for Jackass. Stuntmen in the making if you ask me, ride that coattail all the way to Hollywood Stu, it could make you a power house of the LA hills.

Although none of the 3 top grades made it through to the big dance, we have had a good time in each others company, hopefully most of us stick together and build on our culture and go a few steps further next year…

I however, am going bush for cash. Nice knowing you all. Catchya

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