Mediocre Contradictions

As I sit in the training room for my 6 week freshen up on all things Telstra, my mind couldn’t be further from Broadband connections and the price of an iPhone 5. Other members of my team are discussing mortgages, cats, buying Telstra uniform, pay increases after 12 months in the job. My mind wandered onto David Koresh and the Waco siege. How can a cult like that ever happen? Religion in most instances is a way for people to get together and discuss the great things the world has to offer, I guess the Branch Davidians are an example of how religion can go oh so wrong. After a little daydream about all things cult, my mind drifts onto wondering how I can ever feed the overwhelming sense of grass is greener syndrome. No matter how simple or easy life seems at any point, I just seem to want something else. Maybe that feeling will subside with age, maybe it won’t. One thing is for sure, it leaves me with a big imagination and plenty of crazy ideas.

After a little training session with my team, it was time to get back into the office and start doing some work. It was as inevitable that my day was destined for something a little left of centre. My first customer for the day had an increased Foxtel bill by $8.99. After inspecting the bill, I discovered a ‘featured film’ had been purchased via the remote control. I let the customer know that they had purchased this film and the date of it. Of course the middle aged woman denied buying any extra movies and demanded me to tell her exactly what had been bought. If you really want me to love… ‘Dirty Girlfriends next door’ I stated. ‘I did not purchase that’ she replied. ‘Is there anyone else in the house that may have been able to purchase it?’ I asked. ‘Only my husband, but he’s 65 years old, he wouldn’t do that’. ‘I think you had better have a chat with him and if he isn’t willing to own up, you may possibly have to call back in’ I advised. I’m pretty certain we won’t be hearing back from her any time soon.

Walking through the sliding doors at 4.30pm is my favourite time of the day. I sound as though I’ve been grafting away in the corporate world for years. In reality I’ve been there 6 weeks and I’m looking for an escape route like Shapelle Corby in her jail cell. The nature of my life to date, makes me believe a train will stop in front of me at some point soon, and I’ll probably jump on. Like the great man Yogi Berra once said ‘I knew I was catching the wrong train, so I left early’



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