Mystery Writer Causes Stir at KDCC

Inner Sanctum – Could be Matt Damon, Mike Bell or Tum Tum. Who knows? Not me.

The mystery that is ‘Kingborough Knights Inner Sanctum’ is starting to cause a stir within the actual inner sanctum at the Knights (for the neutral readers out there, an anonymous Facebook account has been created, with the author singling out one player at a time to scrutinise and reveal little known facts about each player). There have been many a name thrown about, with the usual suspects such as Fish Steele, Chips Bevan and Callum ‘lashes them’ Rawson. Along with some under the radar roughies such as Bryce ‘pear extract’ Turnbull, Tim ‘Cloud Catcher’ Scott and Matthew ‘VIP table at Cargo’ Rice.

The impeccable grammar and spelling rules out quite a few, and puts a few grammar nazis at the forefront of suspicion. Shane Holland is a renowned English supremo, placing his name squarely in the hat. Former coach Benjamin Harrison is also a man with a creative mind, although Mark ‘wheatgrass pancakes’ Divin believes he doesn’t have the spare time for such frivolous activities, time will tell.

As a fellow inner sanctum member, I’m appreciating the fact that nobody really has a clue on who this phantom author is. Rumours and speculation are rife, without any real evidence brought to the table.

Here’s to hoping the phantom stays secret for a while longer. If someone can solve the maths problems on the whiteboard when the kids cannot, maybe life as a janitor isn’t all that’s in store.

You know you love me, XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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