A Knight’s Tale: the story of Kingborough’s first win.

Fish and Chips arrived at Kingston’s state of the art facility early as always, to a surprised Head Coach Tim Scott. ‘Wet the bed boys?’ Tim asked. ‘Just keen’ was my reply. The real story was that I had been to banjos for a coffee and eggs benedict pita, and it had taken a lot less time than I anticipated.

We went about our normal cricket morning routines, with a pitch inspection and plenty of chat about agricultural stuff we don’t really know that much about. The pitch had a wet patch reminiscent of my bed sheets in primary school. Plastic sheets would have been handy.

The knights rolled in one by one and we started to prepare for a warm up, although one fast bowler was missing. The man we call ‘The Duck’ was nowhere to be seen. Nobody was concerned however, as Duck works on his own clock. Tim called us in, armed with his usual enthusiasm, positive reinforcement and a fresh Clive Palmer quote, we had everything we needed to get the job done. The Duck rolled in after 10 o’clock and we proceeded to warm up in windy and fresh conditions.

Glenorchy didn’t not lose the toss and decided to send us in to bat. An outcome we were happy with, as batting first is what we had planned to do. Brett Geeves was a late withdrawal with stomach issues. Glad to see the dodgy prawns I slipped in his seafood laksa on friday night had their affect.

Our batting was solid, without being exceptional with plenty of small contributions made around a Kingborough favourite son, Brady Jones. Jones ended on 93, a brilliant innings littered with boundaries and hard running. We finished just over 200, a par score on a wicket with about as much life as Carolyn Wilson’s credibility.

Our bowling coach Adam Maher, who is letting fly with fat insults everywhere he goes in his newly acquired 96kg frame, ensured we were ready to defend our target. The big man has had a few good weeks, with his greyhound winning its first race, the mighty chooks (roosters) winning the NRL and the possibility of a romantic connection with a lucky young lady, rivalling a Hugh Grant movie.

It was great to see some future knights around the ground during the day. Toby (should have named him Relton) Shelton and George (should have named him Robin) Ribbon, were present and hopefully will follow in their fathers footsteps into the black and gold. If they can contribute with great moments like their fathers, the club will be extremely lucky. Jason created history after our First Grade premiership in 2006/07 by licking all of the salt off everyone’s faces all evening, everyone loves a good lick from the great man. Baden once told an outgoing batsman, quote ‘tell your mates, it’s happening out here’. The opposition would have no doubt realised Ribbs and his mightys 2’s meant business.

Our bowlers all contributed, with a returning Mark Divin the pick of them, with 5 overs 1-8. Unfortunately Tom Martyn sustained a hip injury, which adds to our fast bowling woes. An S.O.S has been sent out to Jimmy Weld, so hopefully the cult hero can come to the rescue. [Editors Note: I actually saw Jimmy Weld in Franklin Square yesterday, but avoided eye contact just in case he smashed a bathroom sink over my head]

Rain interrupted what would have been a very tight contest. A Knights win was the result, some dudes with suspect mathematics making a dodgy formula, decided it in the end.

6 points is what we were after, and against last years premiers we can be happy with the result. Plenty of improvement left in all facets, and work will be done by everyone to improve. Out.

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